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The city of Youngstown has a proud boxing tradition boasting former world champions Ray "Boom Boom" Mancini, Harry Arroyo, Greg "The Flea" Richardson, Jeff Lampkin, and Kelly "The Ghost" Pavlik.  

This site will not only honor the championship past of the Mahoning Valley but embrace the future of its current stable of pro fighters as well as the pros of tomorrow currently fighting through the amateur ranks.  

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  1. Fight Talk from The Corner
    Michael Traubert
    One Championship

    Local Boxing Promotor & 5-time world champion Roy Jones jr who put together a number of shows at Mountaineer Casino at the Harv is coming out of retirement (Well maybe). If the combatants answer the bell for round one many have been looking for this match up. At least that the fight talk from the corner in between rounds jones would be returning to combat sports a little over a year after his last boxing match.
    Former UFC star Vitor Belfort posted a video message he received from Jones on Instagram in which the retired boxer answered a challenge Belfort had issued for a ONE Championship event.
    I had a chance to meet and greet Jones enjoy a photo opportunity with him on several occasions at Mountaineer. Not bad for a poor kid who started out carrying the spit bucket! As for the promotion company One Championship it ranks as the number a sports promotion company in Asia its net worth is over a billion dollars. Japan has the 3rd largest economy in the world. The board looks like a who’s who from a Harvard University MBA reunion. Combat sports is big business the backers include Sequoia Capital, investors - Singapore Government (Temasek). The Board includes a who’s Who’ of Asia financial world Chatri Sityodtong Chair and founder holds an MBA from Harvard Business School and a BA from Tufts University. Victor Cui CEO born in Edmonton, Alberta to Filipino parents and served in the Canadian navy before taking executive roles at ESPN Star Sports and the PGA Tour during a successful 15-year career in sports media and communications. Derek Lau Bachelor's Degree National University of Singapore graduated with Honors (Upper). Shailendra Singh MBA 2004
    Harvard Business School bachelor’s Degree 1998 Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay Saurabh Mittal Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Harvard Business School, graduating as a Baker Scholar.

  2. Fight Talk from The Corner
    Michael Traubert
    Dave Epstein book Sports Gene
    How much fast twitch or slow twitch muscle fiber a person is given is a gift from the creator. In most people it breaks down to about 50 % fast twitch and 50 % slow twitch. However, some people receive a greater amount of one or the other and how you train impacts a percentage of what God has given about 10%. We have all seen the 1940 movie Knute Rockne All American in which future President Ronald Regan was the star as George Gipp at the time film was made and even today some coaches have boxers run laps to get into shape. This misguided type of exercise is actually making the amateur slower. Remember I said how you exercise effects about 10% of God’s Gift.
    Those given a greater percentage of the so called “Sports Gene” known officially as ACTN3 gene and effects muscle performance. Fast twitch muscle as the name would suggest is an explosive acting muscle and practicing short 30 second running sprints at full speed with a lot of rest in between can convert a greater percentage of your muscle fiber to fast twitch. However, it will not increase your overall muscle fiber total which is predetermined at birth
    This gift is a use it or lose it sort of thing that as a person ages the body begins to produce less and less of this special gift from God Almighty is the subject of former Sports Illustrated writer Dave Epstein book Sports Gene. So, to break down the subject so the reader of the sport page of the Vindicator can understand a normal, functional version called 577R, and a "defective" version called 577X, which contains a single base change that prevents the production of α-actinin-3. People who have two copies of the 577X version (I'll refer to them as X/X) produce absolutely no α-actinin-3 in their fast muscle fibers.
    So, the athletes who was born with the most ACTN3 gene might win has no more certainty than the boxer who has the greatest amount of fast twitch muscle fiber a sport which is preformed using 90% fast twitch muscle fiber. That’s why some of the greatest amateur fail in professional boxing as the rounds progress, they lack the slow twitch muscle fiber the longer bouts require.
    I talk about crossing the mid line in practice another time the small circles foot work used by The Cuban National Team.

  3. William Michael Traubert Wellsburg WV officiated as the inspector for Combat Sports that included Professional Boxing at an event sanctioned West Virginia State Athletic Commission. At the National Guard Armory Saturday March 16, 2019 in Parkesburg WV. Overseeing hand wrapping with commission preventing” stacking” the taping of the knuckle pad, fashioned from multiple layers of gauze. Traubert is licensed with WVSAC and has inspected over 250 bouts on mutable cards.

  4. Fight Talk from The Corner
    Michael Traubert

    Abe Sanchez the Construction Contractor now is considered the world’s number 1 trainer among his pupils is (Triple G) Gennady Gennadyevich Golovkin with his 21st century High-altitude training gym in Big Bear. Mr. Sanchez has said “throwing the hook at distance will increase power ‘So, a local Valley Competitor tries to implement it with little success. This is a stay in school moment because Newtons Second Law of motion says that FORCE is equal to MASS times Acceleration (F= m x a). You must either increase one or both parts of the equation to make the punch work.
    You can increase acceleration by jump rope the spinning motion will build your fast twitch muscles in your shoulders. (See Sugar Ray Robison achieve film as a good example). Double Dutch is best this one is made for the ladies …but men will receive more benefit with it as well… a stand-alone athlete can take the wrapping hospitals place around the arm after they take blood not real tight in case of a miss step to prefect form on the upper arm. Another old fashion idea like placing newspapers under the elbows of the novice boxer to help hold position that’s out the 1930’s Brewster’s Gym in Detroit where Joe Louis trained a trainer by the name of Al (shorty) Linton who first showed the Brown Bomber how to hold his hands up. Stance use cord on the ankle about shoulder length to keep feet in position. In my gym we lacked funding being always on a budget so I used an old tire innertube around a heavy bag like a donut for upper cut practice. If you take a Lacrosse Ball and place it on the front of your shoulders to loosen the so-called boxers muscle the Seraratus Anterior it will help you bring the back side into the punch. Overcoming punching power with isometrics placing the fisted glove against a solid object like a wall in mutable positions (Vertical and horizontal) push for about 6 seconds remember about 40% of all body muscles can be enhanced by training no substitute for good training habits. These are the things you learn in science class in high school and college. Stay in school young people somewhere off the stage people with degrees in sports medicine, athletic training or both remain the movers and shakers of the industry. … STAY IN SCHOOL ...from a guy who wanted to quit school to become a boxing trainer …

  5. Fight Talk from The Corner Michael Traubert

    William Michael Traubert Wellsburg WV officiated as the inspector Professional & Amateur MMA at an event sanctioned West Virginia State Athletic Commission. Before A sellout crowd At Mountaineer Casino Speakeasy Ball Room Saturday March 23, 2019 in New Cumberland WV. Overseeing hand wrapping with the commission preventing” stacking” the taping of the knuckle pad, fashioned from multiple layers of gauze. He attended a clinic with MMA Blake Grice of South Carolina himself, named an MMA referee and judge trainer by the Association of Boxing Commissions (ABC) at Flatwoods WV August 28, 2016. Traubert is licensed with WVSAC and has inspected over 400 bouts on mutable cards.

  6. Fight Talk from The Corner Michael Traubert
    Traubert Build Career in Professional Boxing

    William Michael Traubert Wellsburg WV is officiating as the inspector Professional Boxing at the Event Center in Morgantown WV Friday April 5, 2019 sanctioned West Virginia State Athletic Commission. He enforces the Competition rules that restrict the type and amount of material used, giving each fighter a limited amount of gauze and tape which may be divided and rolled in various ways for a particular fighter or match. He attended a clinic in Boxing officiating training from Greg Serb (executive Director of The Pennsylvania State Athletic Commission and the longest serving director in the United State) conducted August 28, 2016. and December 8, 2018 by Mike Mazzulli, current ABC President and former Top-Level Inspector for the Association of Boxing Commissions at Capitol High School in Charleston. Traubert is licensed with WVSAC and has inspected over 400 bouts on mutable cards.

  7. What gym does Mellisa Hernandez train at. I was wondering if she wanted to spar. I've been sparring with Jen Sharp.

  8. Fight Talk from The Corner
    Michael Traubert

    William Michael Traubert served as the Inspector On The West Virginia State Athletic Commission Saturday June 1, 2019 on 11 bout card that included 4 professional matches featuring the 8 round vacant American Boxing Federation Colonial Atlantic Super Welterweight Title .I have spent countless hours researching glove types and noted only foam padded gloves were used in the championship fight. With boxer’s safety the first concern of officials. The fights were held in The former Moundsville West Virginia Pen home to "Old Sparky"...

  9. I hope the new school year finds everyone back in the class room! I sure you know USA Boxing has a new coach certification program. I am all in and have my “Green Certification “in USA Boxing the person who wins the first-round wins 80 % of all bouts! Even the very elite athletes can not keep their heart rate at a maximum rate for a very long. So, you cannot ride a bicycle or go swimming before your bout.
    No but squat and jumps or running in place high can be done even in smaller locker rooms space like hotels that is a great aerobic exercise to increase your heart rate. So, here is an example March 8, 2017 YouTube Boxflex video by Amy Dixon 3 ways to get your heart rate up
    This works for Professional Boxing and MMA as well amateur MMA find your spot on the card time your warm up accordingly be mindful of intermission and the unexpected like a boxer who requires medical attention before they leave the ring in the bout before yours.
    Keep in mind that 80 % number at the next Boxing show … Keep on Punching

  10. Fight Talk From the Corner Michael Traubert

    I am the kid who watched boxing from the nose bleed seats! I cut the stories out of the local newspaper pasting them in old scrap book with a brown cover. I was promoting boxing in my back yard while still in high school I was deeply influenced by Don Elbaum who promoted boxing in my birth town Steubenville Ohio and nearby at the Millsop Community Center Weirton West Virginia growing up. In the 2017 book There Will Always Be Boxing Another Year Inside the Sweet Science by Thomas Hauser. The 2019 Boxing Hall of famer Elbaum recalls some of early promotions and the events sounding them. I recall working as Rosin Box Boy at local fights when fighter rubbed their shoes in the brown grit, I carried the tin spit bucket up the back steps of Millsop Community Center many nights leading to the squared circle and ascended the steps at the old Catholic Community Center and other revenues where the three roped inside seat awaited the local leather pushers .
    This week I will be working The West Virginia State Supper Welterweight Championship fight as an official with The Commission. So, to young reader understand the difference between Dynamic Warmup vs. Static Stretching: What’s the difference you may ask. Dynamic warmup gets your muscles and joints loose for your workout. Static stretching elongates the muscle, pushing it past the point it wants to go. Will talk more about this keep in mind training will get you the best results stay in school and get that diploma! Make your dreams come true …

  11. Fight Talk From the Corner Michael Traubert

    At WesBacno Arena last night was getting a few questions about the liver punch so I thought I would write the basics of the liver punch the idea of not landing the blow it’s not a true hook or upper cut either rather a horizontal position most coaches stressed this but in upper angle or diagonal motion. The 10 Intercostal Space between the 9 and 10 rib AKA as the false ribs a total of 12 ribs on both sides of most people. So, that area not protected by ribs cage more towards the back may prove fertile ground.

    !. Right hook to the opponent’s head aimed high then a shot to the liver.

    2. jab to the face the thought is to bring the opponents guard up opening the other boxer to a liver shot.
    When japing with your left hand your right with palm open facing your opponent’s helping to guard your chin face area when you throw the liver shot your right hand now in a fist should slide back to guard your right chin and ear area.

    3. The straight right hand again (Which your opponent maybe the defense tactic parrying to block it) aimed high providing the opening for the liver shot. Opponents will lift guard the great trainer Ray Arcel talked about Benny Leonard the master of feinting this is where your eyes can be used to help camouflage your intent to deliver the liver punch.

    4.Works best against Cage or ropes Left hook hand is high (also considering using eyes a faint) then follow by the liver shot.
    I personally observed in fight broadcasts both Shane Mosley and Triple G’s delivering the liver shot with the thumb down motion researching this technique it sems to have its roots in Russian Martial Art history.

    To my young readers keep in mind the knuckle surface is a scoring blow for legal USA Boxing blows to be scored. Let’s put school work first please!