Wednesday, August 28, 2019

Youngstown Boys: Dent, and Jauregui Twins Stepping Up Game

Since Southside Boxing Club made the move from Market Street back to the old Erie Street location, everyone has stepped up their game according to gym owner and lead trainer, Jack Loew.

"With the new location there is nowhere to hide and take a round off," said Loew who can see every movement of every fighter in the Erie Street location, unlike the massive Market Street gym.

Like Loew, Vinny O'Neill who runs the amateur program for Loew has noticed every fighter picking it up since the move, including a trio of youngsters he trains in Jacorian Dent, Juan Jauregui, and Jose Jauregui.

Dent, 15, a sophomore at Ursuline who has been boxing for roughly two and a half years since tearing his ACL in a youth football injury views boxing as an opportunity.

"Boxing can provide opportunities for me now and down the road," said Dent whose favorite pro fighters to watch are Vasyl Lomachenko, Canelo Alvarez, and the late Purnell Whitaker.

Though the wins aren't rolling in like he'd like, both Dent and his O'Neill know he is on the cusp of winning more often than not.

"I know what I need to work on," said Dent.  "My endurance and aggression".

O'Neill agrees that endurance is an issue with Dent and knows that in time his strength and punching power will increase.

"He's barely losing and right on the verge of winning those fights," said O'Neill.

Dent isn't the only youngster at Southside Boxing Club O'Neill has invested time in.

The 10-year-old Jauregui twins who attend Stambaugh School view O'Neill as more than a trainer.

"He's a brother to me," said the heavier of the twins, Jose.

Juan was quick to jump in a show the same love for his trainer.

"He's my best friend and been training me for four and a half years," said Juan.

While O'Neill is quick to point out the love he has for his fighters, he is equally as quick to point out the challenge in taking three kids with different skill sets and weights under his wing.

"Sparring is an issue with these three," said O'Neill.  "Jacorian is too big for both of them while Jose is too big for Juan".  "I need to find them sparring and that's the biggest hangup in their develepement".

Despite the lack of sparring, O'Neill does have a trick up his sleeve with Juan.

"I won't divulge all the details, but we've been working and expect to see a different fighter and more power," said O'Neill.  

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