Tuesday, July 9, 2019

Working Man: Rosenberger Set For Saturday Bout

Many around the sport of boxing will tell you that one of the hardest parts of being a fighter is the discipline it takes to stay in the gym and stay fight ready.  

If this is truly the case, then Youngstown's Danny Rosenberger must be as strong-willed as they come as he will enter the ring for the fourth time in 2019 this upcoming Saturday night.

"My trainers Tom Cordell and Sam Calderon keep me ready," said Rosenberger.  "My last fight on May 25th against Keven Shacks I came out on top and took three or four days off and was right back in the gym because you never know when you're going to get a call".

Rosenberger, 29, who also fought six times a year ago will face Pittsburgh veteran, 30-year-old Justin Johnson in super welterweight action at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead located in suburban Pittsburgh on the Integrity Fighter Management promoted card.

Though Johnson's record of 6-20-6 doesn't appear to make him a threat, Rosenberger was quick to point out that he is in no way taking his opponent lightly despite the upside down record.

"He comes to fight hasn't been stopped many times and fights guys with good records just like myself," said Rosenberger of his opponent.  "I have no easy fights on my resume and either does he".

Even though Rosenberger knows his opponent will come to fight and has fought tough opposition, that's the only thing he knows about his fighter which could complicate things going into a four-round fight.

"In a longer fight that's more rounds you got more time to figure the other guy out and you can adjust to him after the first few rounds," stated Rosenberger.  "In a four round fight you just have to go with it and there is no sitting back".

Even though the bout is only slated for four rounds, Rosenberger who recently fought an 8-rounder did not slack when it came to this training camp.

"I got a lot more road work in this time and Brian from Combat Athlete in Howland is pushing me hard and plus with my job owning my own stone masonry company doing hard labor and carrying bricks all day it's my life it's what I'm used to".

You can check out Rosenberger's stone masonry company, The Masonry and Chimney Drs of Facebook here.


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