Monday, November 5, 2018

Fight Night in Youngstown Hosts Set to Co-Host The Punchline with Kelly Pavlik and James Dominguez on Tuesday

After a career that will more than likely land him in the Boxing Hall of Fame, Youngstown native and former lineal middleweight champion of the world Kelly Pavlik is now co-hosting the globally recognized boxing show alongside James Dominguez, The Punchline with Kelly Pavlik and James Dominguez.

This upcoming Tuesday Brian Whan and Vinny O'Neill, who co-host the Youngstown Boxing News bi-weekly radio show, Fight Night in Youngstown on Western Reserve Digital Broadcasting, will fill in for Dominguez who will be reporting from New Mexico.

This will be the second collaboration between The Punchline and Fight Night in Youngstown hosts as Pavlik and Dominguez joined Whan and O'Neill in last month in the studio for a show.

Be sure to tune in at 7:00 PM this Tuesday, November 6th on either Facebook or YouTube at the following links:

And visit the web home of The Punchline:

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