Monday, October 22, 2018

Rosta Scores TKO Victory To Remain Perfect In Cage

Dalton Rosta treaded the deepest waters he's been in inside a cage this past Saturday night in Mansfield as his fight entered the third round but the result was the same, a Rosta victory by TKO.

Currently ranked as the #1 amateur light heavyweight MMA fighter in the whole Midwest, the 22-year-old Rosta who hails from New Castle, PA knew his opponent, Michigan native  Cody Brundage was going to come into the weekend confident which was evident during the intense staredown at Friday nights weigh in. 

"The faceoff was very intense but I love it," Rosta said of the events at the weigh-in.  

"It got me even more excited than I already was to fight and I saw him tense up and felt how nervous he was.  Once he pushed me I knew I was in his head".

Brundage, a 24-year-old two-time NCAA Division II National qualifier posed some challenges for Rosta, but nothing that made the former Laurel High School football and wrestling standout feel he was in trouble.

"He was fighting out a very low, weird stance and I was just trying to figure out a way to approach it, that's the only reason the KO took longer than usual," said Rosta of his opponent's awkward fighting style.

Rosta, who has ended all of his previous fights before the third round stated that going that deep into a fight posed no issues for him.

"It didn't feel any different going that deep.  I am in great shape and trained very hard leading into this fight".

Though he failed to get the first round knockout that he predicted, Rosta, who improved his record to 7-0 with all his victories coming by way of KO was pleased with his performance.

"Everything was working," said Rosta.  "My striking felt great, my wrestling felt great, my top pressure felt great, my round n' pound felt great and so did my conditioning".

"I felt like I did everything correctly and didn't take any shot on our feet, I either blocked or slipped them and I defended the takedown very well," Rosta continued.  "He couldn't get me or keep me down and it ultimately led to him wearing himself out and my top pressure and ground n' pound was great".

With another belt added to his collection, Rosta will now wait for the next call to fight but will waste no time getting back into the gym.

"I will be back in the gym on Monday and will be back competing as soon as possible," Rosta said when asked what his post-fight plans were.  "Whatever presents itself, I'll take".

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