Friday, September 14, 2018

Youngstown Native Bill Nelson Making His Mark On the Vegas Boxing Scene

When you take two cities that are historically known in the boxing world and put them together good things are likely to come from it.  

This is the case with Youngstown native Bill Nelson who is a partner in VegasStar Boxing.

Growing up in Youngstown and being around the sport of boxing as early as he can remember, Nelson took off for Las Vegas 1983 after the collapse of the steel mills led to him losing his job as an official court reporter for the Mahoning County Common Pleas Court.

"Due to the loss of tax revenue because of Youngstown's population decreasing because of the lack of jobs, Mahoning County had to cut back on staff, and I was the youngest and newest person on the staff, so I got laid off.  I had just been out to Las Vegas for a vacation a couple years prior to that, really liked the sunny weather and beautiful city, so I loaded up a moving truck and headed to Las Vegas", said Nelson of his move west.

While Nelson has called Las Vegas home for 30 plus years, his roots in boxing extend some 2,200 miles east in Youngstown.

Nelson grew up in the same Nelson family that is known for their boxing ties in and around Youngstown.

His older brother Chuck used to run the Youngstown Golden Gloves Tournament and the KO Drugs High School Tournament while his nephew, Pat has had his hand in managing various known fighters for many years, both of whom still split time between Youngstown and Florida.

"All of us have been involved in Boxing for many years, my brother Chuck's been involved for more than 50 years.  All three of us have either boxed, trained, managed, promoted and judged Boxing over our many years there in Youngstown, Clearwater/Fort Myers, Florida, and here in Las Vegas.  My family has been involved in one way or another with 11 World Champions over the years", Nelson explained about his families long involvement in the sweet science.

Nelson got his first taste of being involved in the business side of boxing working with Knockout Incorporated which was based out of Cleveland and Las Vegas.

While Nelson gained a wealth of experience and knowledge with Knockout Incorporated he decided to take a hiatus from the sport a few years ago and start up some business ventures of his own including Bill Nelson & Associates, a court reporting business which would ultimately pave his path back into the boxing world.

"in the last few months I was asked to make a comeback so to speak in the Boxing business by my new business partner "Marvelous Marvin" Simeon, a lawyer here in Las Vegas and a life-long Boxing fan that works out weekly at Floyd Mayweather's Gym here in town", said Nelson about his comeback into the sport he is so passionate about.

"Rubbing shoulders with many Boxers in the gym every week, many of whom are or have been World Champions, Marvin decided he wanted to get more involved in the Boxing world and Boxing business, so knowing me from the legal business, knowing about my knowledge and experience in Boxing, and knowing of my family's involvement in Boxing over the years, he recruited me to join him in VegasStar Boxing", continued Nelson.

Nelson will no doubt be looking for the same qualities in prospects that he saw in some of his favorite boxers over the years as VegasStar is currently signing boxers that Simeon and Nelson feel have heart, desire, and athletic ability to become a world champion. 

"My favorite Boxers over the years, other than the pros that came out of the Youngstown/Warren area were Muhammad Ali, Joe Frazier, George Foreman, Sugar Ray Leonard, Marvin Hagler, Tommy Hearns, Roberto Duran, and many others.  Some of my favorite fighters from the local area were Earnie Shavers, Ray Mancini, Harry Arroyo, Jeff Lampkin, Chester and Greg Richardson, Rusty and Razor Rosenberger, and the latest being Kelly Pavlik", answered Nelson when asked about his favorite boxers over the years.

So if anyone wants a piece of Youngstown when visiting Las Vegas next time, you can stop by the Handels Ice Cream located off the stip and get in touch with Bill Nelson to talk about the sweet science.

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