Saturday, April 21, 2018

Friday Results from Cleveland Area Golden Gloves

Bout #1: 132lbs-Open 
Ry’zeemmion Ford (Common Ground) defeated Marcell Bonner (Bob Davis BC) by DEC
Bout #2: 132lbs-Open 

Frank Brown (Old Angle BC) defeated Zi Stalnaker (Rodriguez BC) by DEC
Bout #3: 132lbs-Open 

Khalil Osaze (MLK Premier) defeated Isaac Chatman (Downtown BC) by Walkover
Bout #4: 141lbs-Sub-Novice 

Spencer Caron (Strongstyle BC) defeated Cory Pitts (Old Angle BC) by Walkover
Bout #5: 152lbs-Novice 

Nathaniel Cordova (Burnside BC) defeated Taeshawn Yancey (Rodriguez BC) by DEC
Bout #6: 152lbs-Open 

Brian Sims (Downtown BC) defeated Drew Smith (Burnside BC) by Walkover
Bout #7: 152lbs-Open 

Brian McElrath Jr (MOB Boxing) defeated KC Austen (Strongstyle BC) by DEC
Bout #8: 165lbs-Sub-Novice 

Teal Mathis (Blue Steel BA) defeated Luke Freshour (Old Angle BC) by DEC
Bout #9: 178lbs-Sub-Novice

Besar Vajusi (Untouchable BA) defeated Maurice Taylor (Old Angle BC) by DEC
Bout #10: 178lbs-Sub-Novice 

Tawfiq Ali (Strongstyle BC) defeated Russell Shantery (Old Angle BC) by Walkover
Bout #11: 178lbs-Open 

Keith Fairchild (Kings Gym) defeated Ben Cottrell (T County BA) by DEC
Bout #12: 201lbs-Sub-Novice 

Cody Renzelli (Old Angle BC) defeated Jeancarlo Quinonez (Raul Torres BA) by DEC
Bout #13: 201lbs-Novice 

Rockill Brown (Common Ground) defeated Lance Bass (DNA Level C) by DEC
Bout #14: 201lbs-Novice 

Walter Sy Savane (Strongstyle BC) defeated Matthew Milgram () by DEC
Bout #15: 201lbs+Sub-Novice 

Robert Feemster (Common Ground) defeated Mason Furbay (T County BA) by DEC

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