Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Celebrating One Year Anniversary of YBN

Collection of bout sheets, T-shirts, and passes
I've collected from the first year of YBN.
Last March when I was looking for a side project to keep myself busy in my spare time I came across the idea of a one-stop boxing website for the Youngstown area after talking to those I know who follow the sport who cited the lack of coverage in the media for the sweet science.

Nothing against the local media, Greg Gulas from the Vindicator does an excellent job with his boxing coverage and has become someone I look forward to sitting next to at ringside but he's also covering high school athletics and not able to solely dedicating himself to the great sport of boxing.

Little did I know that the website I created, a site I figured would contain the upcoming schedule of fights in the area and some blogging on events I attended and the occasional generic preview of events or matches would blossom into many forged friendships, meeting so many awesome people, and over 9,000 web hits this past March.

Besides the friendships that have been created with me, I attended and covered 17 shows including traveling all the way to Las Vegas in September for the Alejandro Popo Salinas televised match against Duarn Vue.

When I reflect on the trip to Las Vegas, a trip that doubled as a much-needed post-divorce vacation I'm
so glad I got to share it with someone who's become a great friend, Vinny O'Neill.

This website would not be where it is without the help of O'Neill or his partner in crime and significant other, the beautiful Jen Sharp.

O'Neill, who runs the amateur program at Southside Boxing Club and is doing great things with the young talent he has in the gym, took me in and introduced me to the current boxing around the Youngstown area when I reached out to him.

First logo.
Through O'Neill, I've branched out and have an open office type relationship with many of the local trainers including Jack Loew and Tom Cordell both of who love talking about the sport of boxing and just not on the local level. 

Besides thanking Loew and Cordell I have to thank Mike Cefalde, Jr, and Sr for allowing me to cover anything put on by Lights Out Promotions.

I'd also like to take this time to thank Angelo Magnone of Made Men Promotions who always takes care of me for his shows and Michael McSorely of Integrity Fighter Managment for credentialing me to his show. 

The first local event covered.
All-Star Boxing Show I on May 27th.
All the local fighters, pro, and amateur who allow me to interview them, I thank you.  Especially Danny Rosenberger who really supports the local boxing scene and is at almost every amateur event and shares almost everything I post on facebook to help promote the sport locally.  

I've developed some great friendships with local amateurs, including Drew Smith who loves the sport of boxing.  Drew and I will message each other sometimes about the local big fights coming up.

Speaking of amateur boxers, Isaac Chatman is another one who is grateful for everything I do with boxing.  Chatman spotted me at a Youngstown State football game and made sure he came up and said and talked a little boxing with me.  

Thank you to Alejandro Popo Salinas who always makes time for me to interview him when I need and I hope Youngstown don't give up on this kid despite his latest setback.  Good things are on the way for Salinas and he will bounce back and make Youngstown proud.

Thank you to pro boxer Anthony Taylor for being my first interview.  I had no clue what to ask but we made it work!!

I just want to close by saying thank you to everyone who visits this site and likes and shares my posts on social media, every share and re-tweet on social media is huge for not only myself but the sport of boxing in Youngstown in general.

I don't make any money on this website, in fact I lose money traveling and hosting fee's but all the "your site is awesome" and "thank you's" is payment enough for me even though I would accept any sponsor who would like to maybe advertise through me to help with travel costs, but that's down the road.  

Thanks again, everyone.  


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