Saturday, January 13, 2018

Dent, Colon Set for Silver Gloves Regional in Philadelphia

Dent and Colon preparing for training
this past week at Southside Boxing Club.
Southside Boxing Club and trainer Vinny O'Neill will have two youth boxers participating in today's Silver Gloves Regional in Philadelphia with a shot to advance to the Silver Gloves National Championships.

Jacorian Dent, 13 and Bryan Colon, 14, will both be in action starting this evening at the Sheet Metals Workers International Association building and will be looking to advance to nationals which will be held in Kansas City, Missouri from February 1st through the 3rd.

Dent, a student at Akiva Academy will be fighting in the 90-pound weight limit while Colon, who attends Williamson Academy will be entered in at the 140-pound weight limit.

This weekends regional tournament will host competitors ages 8-15 from Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Iowa, and Kentucky

Good luck to Jacorian and Bryan and we will do our best to keep everyone posted on our social media platforms on Twitter and Facebook.

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