Friday, December 22, 2017

Southside Boxing Club Youth Boxers Gearing Up for Silver Gloves

Brayon Colon, Joey Nail, Jose Jauregui, trainer Vinny O'Neill,
Jacorian Dent, Juan Jauregui, and Jackson Behun.
Jack Loew's Southside Boxing Club has produced some of, if not the best talent the Youngstown area has seen the past 20 years.

The list of fighters to come out of the gym, now in its third location, include Craig Kitka, Craig Snyder, Billy Lyell, Ken Sigurani, and of course the most recognizable of them all in Kelly Pavlik.

With all the history of the gyms rich history adorning the walls inside the red and black painted building located on Market Street in the form of banners and posters the, gym now has its next batch of future hopefuls training under its roof under the tutorage of trainer Vinny O'Neill who heads the amateur program.

Fairly new to the sport as a trainer, the former marine and professional boxer is all about getting the most out of his fighters and helping them navigate through life in and out of the ring. 

"I'm teaching these kids the basics and the fundamentals while teaching them everything it takes to excel in the sport of boxing," said O'Neill.  "We need everyone to keep each other accountable and keep each other responsible for putting in the work so I'm bringing a little bit of my military background to the gym".

O'Neill will be taking six of his fighters to Cincinnati the first week of January for the state portion of the National Silver Gloves Tournament with hopes of advancing to the regionals with a shot of advancing to the National Finals being held in Kansas City, Missouri.

"The competition will be really good.  This is where all the good amateurs come together to showcase their skills" O'Neill said of the competition his fighters will be facing in Cincinnati.  "Show fights are fund and good at keeping kids active but this where they start getting ranked and getting their name out there".

Knowing that he is doing everything he can with the young talent he has at Southside Boxing Club, O'Neill see's big things on the horizon for boxing scene in Youngstown.

"It's not bad right now, It's coming back", O'Neill said when asked about the state of boxing in Youngstown. "We've had a lot of shows in the area this past year and I'm expecting there to be more shows in 2018 and I'm going to try to get my guys on all of them".

The National Silver Gloves State Tournament, which will be held for ages 8-15 will be held 
at the College Hill Recreation Center from January 5th through January 8th with the national finals being held in Kansas City, Missouri from February 1st through the 3rd.

Representing Southside Boxing Club in Cincinnati will be:

Jacorian Dent, 13, who will be fighting at the 90-pound weight limit.  Dent, an 8th grader at Akiva Academy holds a 3-4 record. 

Juan Jauregui, 8, who will be fighting at the 65-pound weight limit.  Jauregui attends Stambaugh Charter Academy and holds a 4-3 record.

Jose Jauregui, 8, who will be fighting at the 90- pound weight limit.  Jauregui, the twin brother of Juan, attends Stambaugh Charter Academy and holds a 2-0 record.

Jackson Behun, 14, who will be fighting at the 132-pound weight limit.  Behun attends Boardman Schools and holds a 4-6 record.

Brayon Colon, 14, who will be fighting at the 140-pound weight limit.  Colon attends Williamson Academy and holds a 2-2 record.

Joey Nail, 9, who will be fighting somewhere in the 90-pound range and making his debut.  Nail attends Mohawk Area School District located in Lawrence County, Pennsylvania.


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