Monday, December 25, 2017

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

When I started this website in April, I never in a million years thought I would have so much to be grateful for come this Holiday Season.

2017 was a year of finding myself.  I went through a divorce and was looking for something to give me a new purpose outside of work and being the best father I can to my beautiful five-year-old daughter.  

Some self-gratification was missing from my day-to-day life and I found it in boxing, a sport I have always loved and admired.

I started this site with a generic looking logo and header and was lucky to have 50 hits on the site through its first two months.  

As the months rolled on I changed the look, the logo, and started gaining web traffic, likes on Facebook, and followers on Instagram and Twitter.

It seems like yesterday I walked into Southside Boxing Club to introduce myself to Vinny O'Neill who runs the amateur program and asked him where I could start in getting my feet wet.

Little did I know I would forge a friendship with O'Neill.  One of many friendships I would make  through this website.

Ever since that first-time walking into Southside Boxing Club, I've been welcomed with open arms from Jack Loew, and all the fighters who train at the gym, a treatment I have also received from Burnside Boxing Club and from Tom Cordell at Downtown Boxing Club.

The first interview I conducted was with Anthony Taylor, and I did it strictly audio like my first handful of interviews until one day it hit me that video would be much more appealing and I started a YouTube channel.

I'm not sure how far I will go with this site in 2018 but like the Youngstown boxing scene, I have a feeling it will grow, or at least I hope it will. 

So here is a list of boxing events I covered in 2017:

May 13 - Junior Olympics - Firebird Athletic Club - Bedford, OH
May 27- All-Star Boxing Show 1 Amateur Event - Ukranian Hall - Youngstown, OH
June 9 - South Side Boxing Club's Friday Night Fights Pro-AM - Palermo Center - Campbell, OH
June 24- Punching For Paws by Lights Out Amateur Event - Ukrainian Hall - Youngstown, OH
Aug 5 - All-Star Boxing Show 2 Amateur Event - Palermo Center - Campbell, OH
Sep 3 - Made Men Promotions Pro Boxing - Mountaineer Casino - New Cumberland, WV
Sep 26 - Alejandro Salinas vs. Duarn Vue - The Cannery - Las Vegas, NV
Sep 30 - Housteu Nation Amateur Event by Lights Out - Ukrainian Hall - Youngstown, OH
Oct 5 - Youngstown Boxing Italy Amateur Event - Covelli Center - Youngstown, OH
Nov 3 - Danny Rosenberger vs. Bobby Osterrieder - Carnegie Music Hall - Homestead, PA
Nov 11 - All-Star Boxing 3 Amateur Event - Palermo Center - Campbell, OH
Nov 22 - Feasts of Fists Pro Boxing Event by Made Men Promotions - New Cumberland, WV
Dec 15 - Southside Boxing Club Season's Beatings Amateur Event - Saxon Club - Youngstown, OH

Again, thank you to everyone I have met this past year and for all the likes, shares, re-tweets and everything else that has helped my website grow so much in only 8 months.

I'm so grateful for all the friendships I have made, and the one I have maintained with my ex-wife.

2017 has been emotional at times but all my friends in the Youngstown boxing community have helped make it an amazing year, a year which I truly have found myself for the first time in what seems an eternity.

I've been to Pittsburgh to Cleveland to West Virginia to all the way to Las Vegas this past year and can't wait to see where 2018 takes me.

From my family to yours, I hope everyone has a safe and wonderful Christmas.

Thank You and much love,

Brian Whan

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