Saturday, December 16, 2017

Jauregui Impresses as Former World Champions Look On

Juan Jauregui
Most 8-year-olds would get caught up in the moment with a packed banquet hall giving you their full attention, especially when two sets of those eyes include former lineal middleweight champion of the world Kelly Pavlik and former IBF cruiserweight champion Steve Cunningham.

Juan Jauregui, however, is not your typical 8-year-old. 

Instead of folding under such pressure, Jauregui strived and turned in an impressive performance at Southside Boxing Clubs Season's Beatings amateur event at the Youngstown Saxon Club to up his record to 4-3.

"I had to move side to side, move forward, and jab your way in," said Jauregui of what trainer Vinny O'Neill from Southside Boxing Club told him between rounds to keep him calm collected.

When asked how it felt to get the win over Soulja Cook of Pittsburgh, Jauregui simply stated "good".

In what had the makings of being an entertaining bout turned into the only stoppage of the night as Brian Sims improved his record to 9-5 with his victory over Julian Salinas who was making his first ring appearance in a handful of years. 

Salinas came out strong using, especially for a fighter getting his feet wet in the ring again.

"His aggression did not surprise me," said Sims.  

Though Salinas came out aggressive, Sims quickly turned the tables on his way to the victory by stoppage at the 1:16 mark of the opening round.

"My plan was to get inside to set up the left", Sims stated.

"The stoppage is bittersweet", said Sims.  "I'm happy but I wish no pain or harm on any opponent" he continued referring to Salinas seeking medical care following the stoppage.

Salinas, who deserves praise for accepting such a tall task in Sims after such a long layoff saw his record slip to 8-9.

The main event saw the end of an era as crowd favorite Ryan Williams, now in his mid 30's wrapped up his 13-month boxing career, though he did not receive the send-off from the judges he'd had hoped for.

Williams, a 2001 Liberty graduate had a solid first round but the well-conditioned Courtney Price pulled away late for the close decision.

Price, a 2000 Rayen graduate, was making his amateur boxing debut but is no stranger to the fight game having previous MMA fight experience.

"It's a lot more comfortable" Price said the difference between boxing and MMA.  "It's a lot more fun, you don't have to worry about a guy taking you to the ground, choking you, putting you in an armbar" he continued.

When asked if his MMA days are behind him, Price simply answered like any competitor would, "I'm going to do both".
Courtney Price

Though disappointed with the loss Williams, who coaches wrestling at Liberty, was humble in defeat as he stayed around after the fight to talk with Price and the many in attendance who were there to see his final moment between the ropes. 

"I've met a lot of great people, boxing got me on the straight and narrow when I was heading down the wrong path," said Williams of his involvement in the sport.

Williams who had a successful high school wrestling career was asked what he thought about the conditioning aspect of boxing compared to wrestling.

"I came into this thinking it was going to be easy, I ended up tripping all over my feet and I couldn't keep my hands up to keep my head protected".

Williams said he will stay involved with sport and workout at Southside Boxing Club as time allows and even offered to help Price with the wrestling aspect of his MMA.

I will be doing a full interview with Ryan Williams and trainer Vinny O'Neill soon on how boxing put Williams back on the right path, got him in shape, the great people he's met through the sport, and much more. 


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