Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Brothers Inspiration: Julian Salinas Inspired by Brothers Success in Return to Boxing

Julian Salinas
The argument could be made that boxing is the hardest sport to step away from, and completely stay away.

Through the years many boxing legends have called it a career only to attempt to recapture the glory years later.

This Friday at the Youngstown Saxon Club, Youngstown native Julian Salinas, 21, will make his return to the ring to continue an amateur career he walked away from years ago.

The inspiration for Salinas returning to the boxing ring, however, is not that of glory but that of his own blood.

"I've been watching my brother fight a lot, he's been an inspiration to me and it motivated me to get back," Salinas said referring to his older brother, professional super featherweight prospect Alejandro "Popo" Salinas.

"Him and I talked and he said I should get back in the ring and that I'm good at the sport and I should make a comeback," Salinas said of his conversations with Popo which helped fuel his desire on a return.

Not having fought in a competitive match since he was 13-years-old, one has to wonder about the mindset of someone coming back from such a long layoff.

"I'm really confident, really focused, I feel great I've been working really hard with Vinny (O'Neill) and Jack (Loew)" said Salinas.  

Besides the watchful eyes of Loew and O'Neill, Salinas knows he has another set of eyes helping him in the gym.

"It's really motivational," Salinas said of having Popo around keeping tabs. "I know he's going to help me out and help me capitalize on any mistakes that I make and I'm very grateful having my brother around".

Salinas will not be eased into his boxing return as he slated to take on a tough opponent in Brian Sims of Downtown Boxing Club on Friday night at Southside Boxing Clubs Season Beating's amateur event.

Tickets for the event are $15 and will be available at the door, which opens at 6:00 PM.

First bell for the event that will feature the last fight of amateur Ryan Williams as the main event is slated for 7:30.


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