Saturday, June 10, 2017

Salinas Makes Easy Work of Overly Confident Vargas

During Thursday's weigh-in between Alejandro "PoPo" Salinas and Jairo Vargas, it became clear that Vargas was extremely confident and was not afraid to let his mouth show it to Salinas.  

Unfortunately for the 29-year-old Vargas, his usage of his mouth probably helped develop his strong jaw and chin which forced him to endure more punishment than most would have as Salinas let his fists do his talking and dominated from the moment that the timekeeper rang the opening bell until the referee stepped in and saved him from further damage late in the seventh round.

From the opening round where Salinas forced Vargas to eat a dose of his jabs to the second round when Salinas stunned Vargas when he walked right into a solid jab followed by late series of rights and lefts as both fighters let the fists fly against the ropes, it became apparent that Varas was out of his league no matter how big of a smile he flashed in the ring after absorbing massive blows. 

With Salinas in command of the scheduled eight round super featherweight bout, Vargas in an apparent sign of desperation switched his stance up to southpaw in the fourth round and was having his best round of the fight before Salinas dominated the final 45 seconds and essentially stole the round from Vargas. 

The fight almost came to a halt at the end of the fifth round as a straight right from Salinas staggered Vargas who eventually found himself against the ropes and eating a two-punch counter combination from Salinas and falling into the ropes only to have the bell ring to signal the end of the round and saving him from Salinas pouncing on him.  

Vargas would not last much longer as he danced around the ring in the sixth in an attempt to gain his legs back only to get caught against the ropes three times during the seventh round as the referee finally stepped in to save Vargas from a barrage of punches at the 2:29 mark of round seven.

Salinas, 22, made true to his word from our interview with him on Thursday.  "I'm just going to play around with him in the first round," Salinas said.  "I got eight rounds in the fight, I'm going to make those eight rounds count.....I want my fans to know I can last rounds".

With the victory, Salinas improves his record to 8-1 with 8 KOs and remains on the radar of boxing's top promotional companies.  Vargas sees his record slip to 6-3.

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