Thursday, May 11, 2017

Youngstown Youth Boxers Ready To Invade Cleveland This Weekend For Lake Erie Association Junior Olympics

Jose Jauregui
A handful of youth fighters from the South Side Boxing Club will make the trip to Cleveland this weekend to participate in the Lake Erie Association Junior Olympics at the old YMCA building in Bedford, Ohio.  

Representing Southside Boxing Club will be Jose Jauregui, Nate Dykes, Juan Jauregui, and Jacorian Dent.

Dykes, 10, will be fighting at the 80-pound weight class is excited to get back into the ring after losing a close fight his last time out.  "I've been training real hard for this, I was so close last time and I know to be good you have to work hard," said Dent.
Nate Dykes
Dent, 8, who will be fighting at the 90-pound weight limit will be making his debut in the ring.  Trainer
Vincent O'Neill from Southside has high hopes for Dent like he does all his fighters this weekend.  "This kid has talent and listens and does a good job applying what he is taught," O'Neill told us of his young fighter "now it's time to see how he handles competition".

When asked about his mindset for his first fight Dent stated: "yes I'm nervous but I've been working hard like Floyd Mayweather does, and he's the greatest and I want to be like him so I know I have to work extra hard and I have". 

Juan Jauregui, 8, will be competing in the 60-pound weight class is excited to display his talents.  Juan knows hard work pays off.  "I want to be good like Popo," said Juan referring to Youngstown native and rising star at the professional level Alejandro "Popo" Salinas "he's my cousin".

Jacorian Dent
Juan's twin brother, Jose, has been working hard in preparation for the event as well but unfortunately will not have anyone in his weight class to face off and will win the championship by default.  

"The preparation is over, it's to show their character and their heart this weekend," said O'Neill.

Tickets for the event are $15 for general admission and $25 for reserved.  Children 5 and under are admitted free.

Champions from the event will advance to Michigan.  

Fight schedule:
Jaun Jauregui
Saturday, May 13th:
Bout #2 Nathan Dykes vs. Gregory Bizzell - 80 lb semifinal
Bout #3 Jacorian Dent vs. Kevin Roache - 90 lb semifinal

Sunday, May 14th: 
Bout #1 Juan Jauregui vs. Kartiere Gilmore - 60 lb peewee division championship
Bout #3 - winner of Saturday's bout #2 vs. Allandi Gilbert
Bout #5 - winner of Saturday's bout #3 vs. Abdullah Mason

Old YMCA building
460 Northfield Road
Bedford, OH 44146

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