Monday, August 19, 2019

Lights Out Management Bringing Amateur Boxing To The Regency House

Lights Out Management will return with an action-packed night of amateur boxing at the Regency House in Austintown on Saturday, September 14.  

The card, which will pay tribute to the late Rick Guerreri will feature some of the top fighters from Ohio, Pennsylvania, and Michigan.

Tickets start at $15 for general admission and $25 for ringside.

Tables of 8 are also available for $300 and $400.

Youngstown Boxing News will have more information when fight night nears.

Sunday, August 18, 2019

Tyrel Richards Improves To 5-0 With TKO Win In Pittsburgh

Tyrel Richards of Southside Boxing Club wasted little time asserting himself on the road in Pittsburgh this past Saturday afternoon outside at Carmody's Bar and Grill.

The 15-year-old Richards scored a second-round TKO victory over Maliki Mish of Pittsburgh as the referee was forced to put a halt to the action.

With the victory, Richards improved his record to 5-0.

Though he still has some work to do as far as the basics, his trainer Vinny O'Neill still see's so much upside in his young fighter.

"The one thing Tyrel does great is he fights", said O'Neill.  "He goes forwards, he retaliates, and if gets punched twice he is going to punch you back four times".  "He's wild but we are working on that".

Richards will be back in action on August 31 at the Metroplex in Liberty Township on Jack Loew's Southside Boxing Club amateur show.

Joining Richards on the card will be Ursuline High School sophomore Jacorian Dent who suffered a controversial decision loss to Michael Carmody in the 106-pound division in Pittsburgh on Saturday.

Dent will have a chance for his revenge on the 30th as he will rematch Carmody.

Tuesday, July 23, 2019

Jack Loew's Southside Boxing Club Bringing Amateur Event To Metroplex

Jack Loew has announced on his social media that the Metroplex in Liberty Township is booked for an amateur show on Saturday, August 31.

Headlining the event is a bitter old rivalry expanding 30-years between Tony Scandy and Tony DiMuzio which Loew states, "anyone that has been in the streets or in a bar the last 30-years knows these two and it's going to be an all-out war".

Information on tickets for the show which will feature amateur fighters from Youngstown, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, and Akron will be released by weeks end.

Stay tuned for more information on this show with a main event in which Loew promises to be an epic brawl.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Worth The Wait: Zion Hensley Wins Debut

While most young kids have been enjoying their summer days doing everything they can to pass the time from going to swimming to beat the latest heatwave to catching lightning bugs in the evening,  Zion Hensley had other plans on how to spend her time.

The 9-year-old Western Reserve Elementary student has spent her summer like she has for nearly the past year, training like the champion she one day aspires to become.

After having her first planned fight fall through earlier in the summer, the 65-pound fighter who goes by the alias "The Celtic Kid" finally got the chance to showcase all her hard work last night at Tallmadge High School.

Hensley who trains under the direction of trainer Jack Loew at Southside Boxing Club while also receiving help from Cleveland prospect Willie Nelson had a debut that she will never forget in front of many friends and family who occupied the first two rows midcourt at the gymnasium.

After a shaky opening moment, Hensley did everything she's been instructed to do over the past few months and turned the tide in a hurry and Loew had a simple explanation for that.

"She listens", said Loew.  "I told her what to do and with no hesitation she does it and that's something you don't see from a 9-year-old very often.

After her opponent, Phoenix Brownfield (1-2) of Saginaw, MI pressed the action early, Hensley flashed some pop in her punch and staggered her opponent and eventually scored a knockdown midway through the first round.

"It felt good, I knew she felt it," Hensley said of the punch that delivered the knockdown.

Like any boxer should, Hensley capitalized knowing that her opponent felt her power and went back on the attack and staggered her opponent backwards before the opening round came to a close.

"I was a little scared before the bell rang but once the bell rang I was ready," said Hensley of the opening round.  "After the first round, I was excited for the second".

While she may have been excited about the second round, she sure didn't get to enjoy it all that long as Hensley caught her opponent early and often forcing the referee to haul the action awarding her a TKO victory.

"It felt great just knowing I won", the young boxer said of having her arm raised in victory.

Hensley wasn't the only one overcome with joy in victory as her father, Jason who has been with her every step of the way was overcome with emotion.

"I felt I was in there with her," he said.  "I felt her fear, her nerves, the hits, I felt her struggle.  I felt the whole city win and our team win seeing Jack actually light up".

And beaming with pride and joy was Loew who was proud of his fighter.

"She did well and she worked hard and got what she worked so hard for," said Loew.

Monday, July 15, 2019

Rosenberger And Ford Post Victories As Pinchuk-Langston Bout Brings Fans To Their Feet

Youngstown's busiest fighter stayed the course of having a successful 2019 as 29-year-old Danny Rosenberger scored a unanimous decision over Pittsburgh native Justin Johnson in a four round super welterweight contest at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead.

Rosenberger showed power in his jab early as he landed a handful that snapped the head of the 30-year-old Johnson back.

"I didn't feel like I was really warmed up until the end of the second round," said Rosenberger of controlling the fight with his jab early. 

While Rosenberger warmed up, so did tempers in the ring as referee Chris Riskus warned Johnson on multiple occasions for dirty antics before taking two points away in the third round.

"He was an experienced but dirty fighter," said Rosenberger of his opponent's antics which led to words being exchanged during the fight and after rounds.  

"Every time I landed a shot he'd tie me up then would dig his thumb in my eye or hit me with a low bow, or pinch and squeeze my nose and chin".

When the dust settled and all was said and done it was Rosenberger who had his arm raised with after the judges scored the bout 40-34, 39-35, and 38-36, a score which showed the deduction had no effect on the decision, in his favor.

While Rosenberger, who improved his record to 6-7-4, had to work hard for his victory, Alliance native Ryizeemmion Ford only needed 1:27 to score a knockout with a body shot of Cleveland native Shawn Rall.

Ford, whose loyal fan base was vocal for the 26-year-old lightweight who sported cow print trunks and attire to the ring, landed a hard body shot midway through the first round that caused Rall to take a knee and forcing Riskus to wave off the bout and award Ford the TKO.

"It felt really solid," Ford said of the blow that forced his opponent to his knee.  "It feels great to be 2-0 and we are going to keep it going".

Ford who improved his pro record to 2-0 with both victories coming by way of knockout has yet to see the second round.

"I would like to go longer so people can see my full potential but I'm definitely not disappointed with the results," said Ford of his quick nights of work.

Ford was not the only one not complaining of the result as his vocal fan base approved of his performance.

"It means a lot to me that they can come to watch me be great so close to home," Ford said of the crowd support.  "It's such an unreal feeling to hear everybody cheering me on".

Ford who will be back in action on September 21st at the Meadows Racetrack and Casino in suburban Pittsburgh had the fans in mind when he came up with the cow print theme and chose his ring walk music.

"The song Old Town Road was such a hit so I figured the crowd would enjoy it".

In what was easily the most entertaining fight of the night, Lyubomyr Pinchuk and Johnnie Langston beat each other up for all eight rounds of their ABF Continental Cruiserweight title fight.

Langston of Sarasota, FL appeared to run out of steam in the third but kept having an answer for everything the hard-hitting Pittsburgh native by way of Ukraine Pinchuk threw at him.

Every round seemed to top the next round as fans in the historic venue located in suburban Pittsburgh rose to their feet on many occasions during the action and between rounds in a fight which no one wanted to see a loser but in the end, it was Pinchuk who improved his record to 11-1-1 with the decision by scores of 77-75, 77-75, and 76-76.

In another war, Pinchuk's stablemate at the Conn-Greb Boxing Club and fellow Ukraine transplant Oleg Dovhun showed why he is known as the "Ukrainian Pitbull" as the 25-year-old won the vacant ABF Continental Super Bantamweight title with a unanimous decision victory over the tough Grand Rapids native, Vincent Jennings.

Dovhun kept applying the pressure on Jennings and dictated the pace but Jennings was game and displayed heart as he fought out of the corner and off the ropes all night as Dovhun, who improved his record to 10-0 scored a unanimous decision by scores of 80-72, 80-72, 79-73.

Full Results from Carnegie Music Hall
Darryl Bunting (Marietta, GA)  TKO3 over Latiss Norman (Cleveland)
Danny Rosenberger (Youngstown) DEC over Justin Johnson (Pittsburgh)
Kell Smith (Pittsburgh) DEC Edward Hatler (Corydon, IN)
Oleg Dovhun (Pittsburgh) DEC Vincent Jennings (Grand Rapids, MI)
Ryizeemmion Ford (Alliance) TKO1 over Shawn Rall (Cleveland)
Lyubomyr Pinchuk (Pittsburgh) DEC over Johnnie Langston (Sarasota, FL)
Randy Wachacha (Robbinsville, NC) TKO2 over Mke Manna (Pittsburgh)

Thursday, July 11, 2019

Looking For Love: Cleveland Native Latiss Norman Eyes Winning Record

The first time I talked to Latiss Norman in November of last year I had to ask him, why the alias of "No Love".

His answer was short and simple.

"I'm just trying to get some love in this sport", Norman replied with a smile.

With a 1-3 record to begin his pro career after facing some solid competition, Norman finally found some love when Pittsburgh based manager Derek Gionta took a chance on the fighter with no everyday trainer or home gym.

"Latiss is an improving fighter," said Gionta on taking a shot on Norman.  "He has intangibles that can't be taught and he's loyal.  That goes a long way".

Since forging his relationship with Gionta, the 27-year-old super middleweight from Cleveland has improved his record to 3-3 with two straight victories including a knockout victory in Pittsburgh in March and a unanimous decision victory his last time out in April in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Norman realizes how much Gionta has meant to him getting his career on track and on the cusp of having a winning record.

"He's a good supporter and motivator and the center to our team," Norman said his relationship with his manager.

With supporting management finding him the proper fights, Norman still relies mostly on himself to stay fight ready with no everyday trainer or gym. 

"I keep myself motivated and keep my eyes on the prize to reach my goal", said Norman of doing things the hard way.

The goals that Norman are trying to reach could be in a reach because those who follow the sport regionally are starting to take notice and Gionta feels that his fighter still has a lot of growing and improving in him.

"He's improving," said Gionta of Norman's recent win streak.  "The more he fights the better off he will be.  He didn't have a lot of amateur experience so he's still developing".

Norman will look to show off how much he's improved and developed since April when he takes to the ring this Saturday night in Pittsburgh to face Jade Ealy of Augusta Georgia in a four-round bout at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead in suburban Pittsburgh.

"This is an important fight for me," said Norman who began boxing at age 9 and realized at age 13 boxing was part of his future of the opportunity to get his record over .500.  "Everyone has their time and i feel this is my time to shine".

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Chapter Two: Alliance Native Ryizeemmion Ford Set For Second Pro Bout

Photo credit: Ric Kruszynski/WFC

Sometimes the sport of boxing is all about timing.

Inside the ring a fighter often finds himself timing his opponent's attacks in order to execute the perfect counter-attack and land that devastating blow while outside the ring a young up and coming fighter needs to make the most valuable use of his time and keep active, which is the case for Alliance native Ryizeemmion Ford.

Ford, who decided earlier this calendar year that the time was right for him to turn pro after having one of the most prolific amateur careers in Northeast Ohio in recent memory, will enter the ring for the second time as a professional in as many months keeping to the plan laid out by his management to keep him busy.

"We plan to keep Ryizeemmion busy and right now there is a lot going on in this region," said Pittsburgh native Derek Gionta who is part of Ford's management team.  "You have a handful of promoters doing shows which is good for boxing and especially young fighters looking to gain experience.  The good part of having this kind of action in Pennsylvania and Ohio is you get tougher, more competitive matchups for the most part since these are two of the best states in the country for boxing".

With Ford's management team based out of Pittsburgh, Ford is excited to fight in suburban Pittsburgh but does not feel any added pressure to try and impress the fan base in what could become his home away from home.

"No added pressure," said Ford of his upcoming bout in the Pittsburgh area.  "I will fight the same wherever I go.  It's just another day at the office for me".

While Ford might not feel any pressure to impress the fans on Saturday night, he's beginning to realize that he's becoming somewhat of a celebrity in his hometown.

"It means a lot because I never really had much attention before and I realize now that I have to lead by example for anyone who is looking up to me," said the 26-year-old Ford of the overwhelming support he's getting from the residents of Alliance following his first-round TKO victory over Michael Russell last month in his pro debut.

Ford, who will take on 29-year-old Shan Rall (0-2) of Cleveland in a four-round lightweight contest at the Carnegie Music Hall of Homestead on Saturday night says he might not have changed many things up for this camp from his training for his debut but feels he's more ready to go.

"I'm just pushing myself harder every time I receive an opportunity to prove myself," said Ford of his training.  "I've gotten a lot more sparring in for this fight than before my debut and it gave me a lot of different looks".

While the electricity surrounding his pro debut may have died down a little bit, Ford does not plan to have a sophomore slump in the ring and will continue to treat each bout as important as the one before.

"I'm always excited to enter the ring because this has always been something I wanted to do so I will always treat each bout like my first one".